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How to Contribute Data to ECHO

ECHO was created with the idea of user contribution and correction at the very center of its mission. The data you see on the site will only improve with collaboration and re-use.

If you'd like to participate in improving the data in any capacity, please do register using the "register" button at the top right of the page. If you've already registered, you can contribute a new record by hitting the "add an image or record" tab at top right, or modify an existing record by suggesting a correction or commenting (you can do either or both at the bottom of a particular record page). Before adding a new filmographic record, please make sure it does not already exist in the database.

Currently, registered users may comment on individual records, suggest corrections to a record, or add new records or images to the site. We are working on a more granular interface to make the process of adding data more streamlined, but in the meantime, simply follow the prompts and your contributions will end up in the right place.

If you have many filmographic records you'd like to contribute (from a preexisting dataset, for instance), or just have questions or suggestions, contact Derek Long -